5X - 246355 Professor Foam™ aftermarket O-ring Rebuild Kit fits Graco® Fusion Gun Air Purge AP

$ 75.00 was $ 705.00

Up for sale is Five (5) complete seal kit that will fit your Graco Fusion® Air Purge gun.

This is a compatible kit to the OEM part #246355, including Viton®, Buna-N & Aflas o-rings and a Teflon® ring.

This kit has all the o-rings you need to rebuild 5 AP guns.

Each kit contains the following:

  • Part# 246354 5 Buna
  • Part# 248128 2 Aflas
  • Part# 248129 2 Aflas
  • Part# 248130 4 Aflas
  • Part# 248131 1 Viton
  • Part# 248134 1 Viton
  • Part# 248137 1 Teflon
  • Part# 248132 1 Buna
  • Part# 248136 1 Buna
  • Part# 248133 2 Aflas
  • Part# 248135 1 Buna


The OEM Gouges you $141.00 for 1 kit!!


All o rings that come in contact with fluids are Aflas o rings. Aflas will not swell or distort when exposed to any cleaners - ie Dynasolve, Safe Strip, NMP ect. I have kept these in cleaner for over a month with no change in the o ring. I am selling these kits with the OEM equivalent or better o rings at a cost lower than the other guys for a viton only kit. 

I can get this overnighted to you, call me for a quote.

I will ship this international, please call me for a shipping quote

Ok if you want more information drop me a line..


Professor Foam™ 318-880-7787 

Princess Foam 318-880-7779

All sets will be shipped the next business day after payment.

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I use 1st class mail. Tracking IS NOT provided with 1st class.

TRACKING is only provided on  First Class package, Express Mail and Priority Mail shipments.


Need A Kit Not Listed? Just ask via email me at professorfoam (at) gmail.com. 
We can duplicate just about any kit.
Send us a sample kit, we'll make it, then we'll return your kit and some FREE kits for your trouble.



This is not a Graco® Inc. product. This product is designed as an after-market product compatible to fit Graco®  but is in no way sponsored, approved or authorized by Graco™ Inc.”