Diesel High Pressure Oil Pump "Non-Servicable Plug" Ford Powerstroke 7.3L from Professor Foam

$ 29.65

If your High Pressure Oil pump is leaking from the Bottom port. This port is called the Non-Serviceable Port. It is probably leaking because of the OEM Short thread plug. Professor Foam™ has the repair plug that will even repair a plug that is completely stripped the original threads. Professor Foam™ has these plugs made to exact standard using 303 stainless steel. To service this plug we recommend removing the pump from vehicle. On the 1999-2003 Models it will be easier to remove the fuel filter Canister. Don't replace your High Pressure Oil Pump just because the "non serviceable" plug is leaking. The original plug has short threads and has probably stripped out the aluminum housing The plug in this kit has longer threads than the original, Contents: 1 long stread Non Serviceable Port Plug 1- .5ML 680 Loctite 1- Viton Oring Application: Ford Powerstroke 7.3L 1994-2003 Navistar International T444E 1994-2004 Navistar International DT466 1995-2004

  • PRODUCT TYPE: Diesel High Pressure Oil Pump Seal Kit