246355 262pc Replacement O-ring Service Kit that fits Graco® Fusion Air Purge OEM style o rings

$ 360.00 was $ 4,500.00

262 piece Service Kit from Professor Foam™  containing enough Viton®/FKM, A-Quality and Teflon® o-rings to rebuild your Graco*® Fusion® Air Purge gun at least 10 times with extra fluid section o-rings. OEM part #246355

This kit comes in a reusable container and all the o rings are in a separate bins!

This is an aftermarket OEM grade O-Ring. That means all of the o rings that come in contact with any fluid are guaranteed not to swell, just like the OEM version! 

All the others online don't have them!

These are better than the OEM version at half the cost! Instead of saving a few bucks by going to the other guy think about how costly down time is!

Each kit contains the following:

248128 30 

248129 30 

248130 60 

248131 12

248132 10

248133 30

248134 10

248135 10

248136 10

248137 10 

246354 50

All o rings that come in contact with fluids are A-Quality o rings. A-Quality will not swell or distort when exposed to any cleaners - ie Dynasolve, Safe Strip, NMP etc. I have kept these in cleaner for over a month with no change in the o-ring. I am selling these kits with the OEM equivalent or better o-rings at a cost lower than the other guys for a viton only kit. 

I can get this overnighted to you, call me for a quote.

I will ship this international, please call me for a shipping quote

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Professor Foam™ 318-880-7787 

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All sets will be shipped the next business day after payment.

 Shipping times average anywhere from 2 to 21 days! Need it faster? Use Priority! 

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"This is not a Graco® Inc. product. This product is designed as an after-market product compatible to fit Graco®  but is in no way sponsored, approved or authorized by Graco™ Inc.”