O-Ring Depot Compatible for Culligan OR-34A&B 2 pack for Culligan and Ace

$ 10.00

  • Includes 4 O-Rings (2x Smaller "A" O-Ring and 2x Larger "B" O-Ring)
  • Compatible with silicone lubricant (and many other lubricants) to ease installation.

Before replacing the o-ring, refer to the bottom of the sticker on of your filter housing. Two different o-ring sizes are enclosed: 

Sticker plates coded "Rev C" or higher, for models HF-150A, HF-360A, and Ace 45025 housings should use the smaller o-ring enclosed. 

Sticker plates coded "Rev A" or "Rev B" for models HF-150A and ALL other models (HF-160, HF-360, HF-365, Ace 45025, Ace 46764, Ace 49560) should use the larger o-ring enclosed. 

To install the o-ring, remove the old o-ring and clean out the groove with a clean cloth. Lubricate the new o-ring with clean/new silicone grease. Press the o-ring into groove with two fingers, ensuring that it sits flat and level in the groove.