Professor Foam Deluxe 20pc Genuine DuPont VITON Save-A-Dive O-Ring Kit for Scuba Diving Tank Valves, Hoses, Regulators, Dive Cameras, Etc (Diver)

$ 51.00

The Professor Foam Deluxe Viton Save-A-Dive O-Ring kit includes 20 of the most common o-rings found in scuba equipment (Tank Valves, Hoses, Regulators, Cameras, etc). Kit includes the following sizes: 003 (x4), 010 (x3), 011 (x3), 014 (x5), 112 (x4), 214 (x1). All parts are 90 durometer Genuine DuPont Viton material. Viton is compatible with Nitrox and compressed air. The Professor Foam Deluxe 20pc Viton Save-A-Dive O-Ring kit is a perfect item to keep in your dive bag to be prepared for the moment when an o-ring unexpectedly fails. Don't get caught on a dive without an o-ring, let the Professor Foam Deluxe 20pc Viton o-ring kit save your dive. Why demand Genuine Dupont Viton? Because if it's not a Genuine Dupont material, you're getting something of unknown quality - and when your life depends on it - don't skimp! Be SMART!

  • 20 Genuine DuPont VITON O-Rings (90 Durometer)
  • Includes sizes 003, 010, 011, 014, 112, 214
  • Packaged in a convenient bag
  • Great item to keep in your dive bag
  • Manufactured and Warrantied by Professor Foam