Scuba Divers Viton O-ring Kit 12 Sizes 166 Piece 90 Duro Genuine Dupont Viton Save a Dive!

$ 52.50

OK Nitrox Divers, this is the kit that will save your dive and will last much longer that the other guys kits! Most Important! The other Guy - Jet- is not using Genuine DuPont viton rubber. Genuine DuPont Viton is the only material Professor Foam uses, why? It's the best and when your life depends on it - USE THE BEST!! Up for sale is 1 O-Ring kit containing 166 DuPont Viton® / FKM black or brown o-rings Shore A 90 Durometer. The o-rings in this kit meet AMS 3216G ASTM D2000 M6HK710, A1-10, B38, EF31, EO88, F15 standards. Viton has excellent high temperature resistance as well as good resistance to fuels and acids. It is also used in scuba applications with Nitrox because of its excellent resistance to oxygen. Unlike the other guys I am selling this in an upgraded waterproof storage bin! Check out the photos and I am the low cost leader online! QTY AS568 SIZE I.D. TYPICAL USE 15 -003 1/16" High Pressure Hose/Swivel Seal 15 -010 1/4" Low Pressure Hose/2nd Stage Reg/Cyl Valve Stem 15 -011 5/16" Low Pressure Port/Hose, Hose Adapters 15 -012 3/8" High Pressure Port/Hose, Gauge Hose 15 -013 7/16" Large Low Pressure Port/Hose, Piston Seat Seal 15 -014 1/2" Standard Yoke/Tank Regulator 15 -015 9/16" High Pressure Hose/Swivel Seal 15 -022 1" Regulator Piston Ring/Body Plug Seal 15 -111 7/16" Small DIN Regulator Valve 15 -112 1/2" Standard DIN Regulator Valve 10 -116 3/4" Small Tank Neck, Genesis 3500 Cylinders 6 -214 1" Large Tank Neck

  • 90 Durometer Genuine DuPont Viton®
  • 12 Popular Sizes
  • Conveniently Divided by Size
  • Upgraded storage box
  • The best material available - after all it's your life that's on the line!