Trigger Valve Kit Replaces Max CN80548 / Bostitch TVA6 CN55 CN70 CN80 - SP MV11 from Professor Foam

$ 16.00

Aftermarket Trigger Valve Kit Replaces Max CN80548 Bostitch TVA6 fits Max CN55, CN70 and CN80 Coil Nailers. This part is compatible with: Max: CN55, CN70 and CN80 Industrial Coil Nailers. Bostitch: 650S, 650S5, 750S4, CF15, F21PL, F21PL2, F28WW, F33PT, WM45B, T55S5, T50S4, T50S2, T40SX-LM, T40SX, T40S5-SF, N89RH17, N89C, N86C, N80CBMLPAL, N80CB-1ML, N80CB, SDN11RH, SDN11PTB, SDCN14B, N57C, SDCN14, N50FN, N130C, N100S, N100C, N75C, RN46, RN45B, N95162, N89RH17-2MCN, N70CBPAL, N70CBM, N66C, N66BC, N64C, N64084-N64099, N63CP, N60FN, N66BC-1, 863S4, N75C-1 Type 0, N89C-1P Type 0, N59FN, RN46-1

  • Generic Replacement Bostitch TVA6 Trigger Valve
  • Fits all tool models that use the TVA6 valve
  • High Quality metal & plastic at the bottom (not metal)trigger New brand
  • Upgrade you old & obsolete TVA1